New Fallout Vegas: A second DLC to come?

While the first DLC for Fallout New Vegas has just been released, new evidence already pointing towards a second DLC. These indices are present precisely in Dead Money, countless references to a new place, The Big Empty and a character, Odysseus. The non-playable characters of the DLC are referring specifically to a second messenger that is likely to be Odysseus. This character is present in the card game content in the collector’s version of New Vegas but it is strangely absent from the final game.

A rummage further in the game files, it is also possible to discover a weapon in a flagpole, a subject mentioned in the map of Odysseus. In addition, Chris Avellone, head designer of New Vegas, also alluded to the character in question during one of his interviews. According to him, Odysseus was supposed to be a playmate, he was unfortunately withdrawn.

This could eventually make a comeback through a DLC and avoid Bethesda Softworks to waste hours of work. Poor, Dead Money fundamentally similar to Operation Anchorage, the first DLC for Fallout 3. This is clearly a DLC relatively linear and flat.



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