Grand Theft Auto maker in trouble again

Games manufacturer Rockstar, maker of the controversial Grand Theft Auto, has run into problems again after an anti-bullying organisation called for another of its games to be withdrawn. Rochelle Sides, director of the Texas branch of Bully Police, an international anti-bullying group, has sent an open letter to Rockstar president Sam Houser asking him not to release the company’s new game, entitled Bully.

Sides has started the campaign despite never having seen or played the game in question, which is not due for release until next year.

“My daughter committed suicide after being bullied. The pain of losing my daughter is immeasurable,” wrote Sides. “How can we as adults take the risk that we may lose one more child? Therefore we ask you as an adult, as a member of this society, to stop the release of this game.” A spokesman for Rockstar explained that press representatives were given a brief preview of Bully at the E3 show in May but that, apart from three screenshots on the company’s website, no further official information exists.

Brenda High, head of the Bully Police, explained that the group is acting on the basis of information published on the internet about the game format.


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