A New Final Fantasy in Preparation

Final Fantasy Type-0, is the code name for the potential new episode of the famous RPG to be announced by Square Enix. The logo has been released, it only remains to wait for official information.

Certainly one of the juiciest license from Square Enix, Final Fantasy usually provides excellent sales, because of the reputation that the brand carries. The famous Japanese company plans to announce a new episode that should stand as a new spin-off to the saga. Called Final Fantasy: Type-0 , the software offers a logo quite unusual, based on kanji.

The trademark was filed Dec. 29, the details of this new project are still lacking. However, we hope that an announcement is made at the next press conference of Square Enix, January 18, 2011 at Roppongi Hills, Japan, especially since it is expected that new games will be announced.


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