Wikimedia Foundation harvested 16 million dollars in donations in 2010

The year 2011 started well for some players on the web. On its blog , the Wikimedia Foundation, which oversees several projects including the collaborative encyclopedia wikipedia , said we collected $ 16 million  for its seventh annual fundraiser, now closed. This vintage 2010 – 2011  represents its best “score.” In 2009, Wikimedia had convinced 230,000 people to help.

Wikipedia noted that more than 500,000 people in 140 countries, gave an average of more than 22 dollars for the support. It took 50 days to raise the money. The Foundation thanks all its volunteers, without whom it could not exist.

On 15 January, the project wiki  will celebrate its 10 th anniversary. “From the beginning, the community of readers and editors of Wikipedia made sure to keep the site free from advertisements and free of use for its 400 million visitors. The success of this year shows a continuing commitment to these principles. ” According to Wikimedia, Wikipedia is the site of the only world top 10 to not display advertisements.

Wikimedia publishes a list of events  which, in the world are expected to celebrate 10 years of collaive encyclopedia . The Foundation encourages those who would never have done so to contribute, by sending an article, a photo (royalty-free, of course), or to join the troops of volunteers, now numbering 100 000.

Last November, at the launch of the campaign fundraising, the foundation wrote that Wikipedia in its various versions (270 languages) had 17 million items. The number of visitors was $ 400 million each month. 16 million collected will contribute to the annual budget of $ 20.4 million.



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