Motorola split into Motorola and Motorola Mobility Solutions

Motorola is now the group consists of two independent entities for Motorola Mobility and Motorola mobile solutions for mobile enterprise solutions. New challenges ahead …
Announced in early 2008, the group split Motorola into two separate companies, who brings the mobile business long deficit, is now official. There is therefore now Motorola Mobility , which includes branches and mobile set-top boxes, and Motorola Solutions for mobile enterprise solutions, the part supplier had been assigned there is little to Nokia Siemens Networks.

The last two years have been spent to redress a mobile phone business has virtually collapsed after the huge success of the Motorola Razr. Number two worldwide, the terminal manufacturer has stopped losing ground and is now out of the Top 5 worldwide.

At the same time, it is a shift to smartphones that began with the arrival of Sanjay Jha, former Qualcomm has decided to bet almost anything on Android. Since then, the telephone industry has managed to erase its losses and has beautiful outlook in a context of growing sales of smartphones.

It is no longer really be among the largest sellers of mobile in the world but rather to ensure profitability with high-end handsets. Nevertheless, major challenges await Motorola Mobility, actors have multiplied in smartphones and large international groups are entered in the circuit.

2010 years of the transition
The possible arrival of the iPhone in the U.S. operator Verizon Wireless, which has been the mainstay for the distribution of Motorola’s Android phones, might create some disturbance. In addition, the company is now close to balance but it is not safe from a relapse under the pressure of competition.

The MWC 2011, in February, and promises to be interesting, between announcements of new generation smartphones and mobile platforms ever more powerful hardware.

Motorola Mobility, although focused on smartphones do not forget the new segments, such as touch pads. Again, Verizon could be its best support.

Motorola Solutions side, the outlook is clearer. The business is profitable and the company enjoys strong positions on software solutions like professional terminals (EDA or Enterprise Digital Assistant ) well established in various vertical markets.



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