Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Network DLC Revealed

Electronic Arts and BioWare have announced the Cerberus information, the availability of a new DLC before the release of Mass Effect 3, available through the game daily on the Cerberus Network. This end is scheduled for January 24 next, exactly one year after its launch (January 24, 2010).

However, this info will resume for a period of three weeks before the end of the year. And those three weeks will be distributed this way:
1 week before the release of a final DLC for Mass Effect 2. Once the DLC released, there will be two more weeks of news via the Cerberus Network, that will finally stop at the exit of Mass Effect 3.

So if you understand, a new DLC will be released two weeks before Mass Effect 3. As you can imagine, it will link the two games. And some already are whispering … it could be free.


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