Ubisoft PC protection less restrictive

Since the introduction of its new protection system, Ubisoft has suffered countless reviews from the players.
This protection required based DRM players a constant connection to the Internet to enable them to enjoy the latest video game production as Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed 2, Splinter Cell Conviction or HAWX 2. The French firm has finally changed the requirements for the public.

Once at the slightest disconnection to Internet, the player saw his game paused and was therefore unable to get on with his party to restore that although less connection. Now, these violent interruptions were simply removed from the system of protection of Ubisoft finally wins opening.

Owners of unstable connections can quietly enjoy their latest Ubisoft games. An Internet connection is only required when launching the game in order to validate the license from the online servers. Once the launch is made, the player can devote himself fully to the game



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