Angry Birds soon on PSN

One of the highlights of games when played on smartphone is about to land on the PS3. With you to defend your eggs on the big screen.
If you do not know Angry Birds, is that you do not have a smartphone. Launched on the iPhone, Android and then maybe one day on Windows phone, the application has generated enthusiasm from users. Terribly addictive, Angry Birds invites you to an adventure very simple but oh so involved. This is for your team of birds to different abilities, to fight against a band of green pigs to recover your stolen eggs. To you, therefore, to destroy various structures, with varying techniques as appropriate. Angry Birds is one of those applications that have been very difficult to leave once launched.

If adventure tempts you, or if you want to continue on large screens, know that Angry Birds about to land on U.S. PSN today. Angry Birds This console version has 63 levels and a similar concept to the one launched on smartphones. PS3 and PSP will offer so new playgrounds question is whether the title will reach European PSN.


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