SuperTalent 2nd Gen DuraDrive series SSDs in SATA II Announced

SuperTalent 2nd Gen DuraDriveTM SSD now available in SATA II

Performance & Durability for Mission Critical Applications

Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today announced a SATA version of their new DuraDrive series SSDs.

Right on heels of our resent announcement of ZIF and PATA interfaces, the new DuraDrive AT2 now completes this family line by offering the same industrial grade durability, reliability and performance with the SATA II interface. The DuraDrive was designed for use in environments considered “too harsh” for a standard drive.
The DuraDrive series utilized Solid State Disk technology, meaning it performs faster, use less power, offers greater reliability, shock and vibration than their HDD counterparts. By carefully selecting the finest components available, including an advanced industrial controller and premium NAND flash, we are able to further enhance the temperature specifications making the DuraDrive ideal for mission critical and embedded applications.

The DuraDrive line also has optional support for the Secure Erase features required for many Military and Industrial applications. With ECC/EDC support, bad bit management firmware and patented wear leveling technology, this drive offers extreme reliability and endurance; even in the most demanding of environments (-40oC to 85oC ).

“The new DuraDrive Series demonstrates Super Talent’s commitment to the Industrial, Embedded and Military markets. While other manufactures are focused on large volume products for the masses, SuperTalent is focused on designing products for customers who are looking for more. SuperTalent is making durable industrial spec built – to order products. Supporting SLC and Secure Erase options for our most trusted customers”., said Super Talent COO, CH Lee.

Twice as fast as its previous versions, our new DuraDrive line of SSD’s reach impressive sequential R/W speeds of 125, 110 MB/s respectively. DuraDrive SSD’s enhanced reliability is ideal for industries associated with, but no limited too; the Medical industry, Casino gaming, Enterprise computing, Gaming, or embedded industrial systems.

Utilizing the industry standard 2.5-inch form factor and industry standard SATA II interface, the DuraDrive ET2 is 100% interchangeable with conventional 2.5-inch SATA hard drives.

The DuraDrive AT2 is now shipping!

The following options are available on the DuraDrive series:

• SLC – For increased Longevity and Reliability
• iTemp – Mission Critical often requires itemp (-40oC to +85oC )
• Secure Erase- for Sensitive Data, Don’t just Erase it, Eradicate it with Secure Erase.


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