C101, Shield-Level Flash Disk from Team Group Announced

C101, Shield-Level Flash Disk from Team Group

Rated Five Star, Highest Prestige for Computer Peripherals, by Italian Media Company Nexthardware

Adopting a tough appearance and shield design as the core product theme, C101, a high speed flash disk from Team Group, is positioned to securely transfer, store and transport personal data for users. After stringent tests and reviews on its performance and access speed (both writing and reading speed), Nexthardware, a computer media company in Italy, has given C101 five stars, the most prestigious level for computer hardware.

C101 uses an USB2.0 interface and can transfer data at 480Mbps (actual data accessing speed can reach 20MB per second and writing speed 10MB per second.) It comes with five capacity choices from 2-32 GB to satisfy the demands of different consumer segments. C101 also supports an automatic power saving mode that can significantly alleviate load on the laptop battery and effectively prolong battery life. According to Nexthardware, C101 is a multifunctional flash disk suitable for all kinds of applications. C101 not only offers excellent access performance to greatly shorten download times, but it is also competitive in price.

In addition to product reviews and introductions of both hardware and software, Nexthardware, the most respected Italian computer peripheral media company, offers complete pricing information and information about the latest market developments. It is one of the most trusted computer media companies in Italy.


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