Huntkey X7 500W PSU Introduced

Huntkey X7 500W PSU Bags 80 PLUS Platinum Efficiency Certification

Huntkey Enterprise Group announces that Huntkey 500W rated power supply has been certified by 80PLUS PLATINUM, which stands for that Huntkey 80PLUS line-up products finished from standard 80PLUS certification to the highest level of 80PLUS certification — PLATINUM.

80PLUS certification has been well-known by most of end-users. On October 2009, 80PLUS organization had added specification for Platinum efficiency level as its highest level for efficiency. For the higher certification levels, the requirement of 0.9 or better power factor was extended to apply to 20% and 50% load levels, as well as at 100% load. The Platinum level requires 0.95 or better power factor for servers.

This is another good news from Huntkey, after it released 300W and 1200W 80PLUS Gold certified power supplies in succession. “We are in pursuit of finding the best solution for end-users not only for electric bills saving, but also for environmental protection. Huntkey 500W 80PLUS PLATINUM certified power supply is a new step for this goal,” Huntkey global product manager Villa Li said.

This is Huntkey first time to work together with Infineon’s experts. The final plan successfully get through the strict 80PLUS PLATINUM certification, with efficiency up to 90.63%, 92.62%, 90.31% at separately 20%, 50% and 100% load condition. “This is our first time to cooperation with Infineon’s experts. However it is an impressive and nice cooperation. Their focus on professional field is admirable. We want to show our greatly appreciation for them,” A Huntkey spokesman said.


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