Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus Scream on Google TV, Apple TV and Roku

Ubicom(R), a leading networked CPU provider, today announced general availability of StreamEngine(TM) automatic Quality of Service (QoS) enhanced for streaming video and other media. Streaming video has become mainstream with content providers like Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube on platforms like Apple TV, Google TV and Roku.

Streaming video, audio and online gaming are very different from other internet traffic due to strict requirements on latency and real time bandwidth. While most traditional internet traffic is bursty in nature, streaming media requires consistent bandwidth for the optimal user experience. Ubicom’s patented StreamEngine technology automatically recognizes different types of traffic between a home and the internet and prioritizes streaming video, audio, VoIP and gaming traffic over others. It also deprioritizes bandwidth-intense applications like BitTorrent, which tend to consume all available bandwidth. StreamEngine adapts to real time network conditions like available bandwidth, which devices are in the home network and the types of traffic going through the network – all without user input or configuration. This intelligent network and traffic management also works on Wi-Fi networks using Ubicom’s Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling (WISH(TM)) extension, for wireless entertainment on tablets, handheld devices, TVs, Set Top Boxes and BluRay players connected via Wi-Fi.

Ubicom’s demonstration of this solution at CES 2011 shows a side-by-side comparison of multiple streaming video services in a typical broadband home network, one powered by Ubicom’s StreamEngine router gateway and the other powered by leading off-the-shelf routers. The Ubicom network delivers a consistently uninterrupted HD video stream even in the presence of other internet traffic in the home, while the other network delivers low resolution video that is interrupted often.

“The killer app for broadband is streaming video,” said RK Parthasarathy, vice president of marketing at Ubicom. “Together with gaming, VoIP and streaming music, video is changing the consumption landscape in the home as more devices get connected. With large revenues at stake, a compelling user experience for these internet services is imperative, and the home network is a key part of the solution.” “The consumer’s expectation of streaming video is to match a DVD or BluRay playback experience,” said Tim Higgins, managing editor of SmallNetBuilder, the premier review and analysis site for consumer and SOHO/SMB networking. “In addition to consistent bandwidth, the right QoS with easy setup is critical to the mass-market adoption of these connected services.” About Ubicom, Inc.

Ubicom develops networking and multimedia processor solutions that address the unique demands of networking applications and multimedia content delivery in the digital home. The company provides optimized system-level solutions to OEMs for a wide range of products including wireless routers, home gateways, VoIP gateways, and streaming media devices.


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