Data Locker DL3 USB 3.0 AES Encrypted Portable Hard Drive Debuts at CES 2011

Data Locker Inc., a leading developer of encrypted data storage products, announced the new Data Locker DL3, encrypted USB 3.0 portable hard drive at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Data Locker DL3 is billed as the most secure portable hard drive in the industry due to its 256 bit AES XTS mode full drive encryption, two factor authentication and patented touch screen authentication panel.

The Data Locker DL3 builds on the success of Data Locker’s previous award-winning personal secured storage devices that feature an enhanced touch screen, secure external USB hard drive with PIN-only access. The encryption and data management is performed at the device level and is completely platform and operating system independent, eliminating the need for any software and drivers.

“We’ve had considerable success with our Data Locker secure portable hard drives with the federal government and in business environments that require an easy to use and implement portable data security solution which is compatible with all operating systems and environments,” said Jay Kim, Founder and COO, Data Locker. “By launching the DL3 at CES, we believe there are a significant number of customers who can appreciate the amazing simplicity of our approach to securing their portable data.” Additional features of Data Locker 3 include: SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface 256 bit AES XTS mode crypto engine Absolutely no drivers or software Two factor authentication with option RFID mode Up to 1 TB storage capacity Rapid key zeroization for secure redeployment Multi-lingual user interface Firmware-based anti-malware protection Self-destruct mode for brute force attack defense Randomized keypad to eliminate fingerprint-lifting and shoulder hacks Tamper evident enclosure Shock and drop resistant Pricing and AvailabilityThe Data Locker DL3 pricing starts at $299 and is available in 500GB, 1TB and 128GB SSD capacities. The unit will be available in March 2011.

Based in Overland Park, Kansas, Data Locker has developed a strong track record of combining the convenience of portable external storage devices with enhanced data security features. Data Locker products are easy-to-use storage devices perfect for storing sensitive or confidential data, all with the assurance of a secure touch screen interface. These devices insure that all data on the hard drive is completely protected from unauthorized access should the external drive get lost or stolen.

Demonstrations of Data Locker DL3 will be at the company’s booth #31849 in the South Hall on the Upper Level of the Hilton Las Vegas Convention Center.


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