Call of Duty Black Ops new update

For the sake of transparency, Treyarch has released additional details surrounding the new update for Call of Duty Black Ops.
The U.S. studio intends to stand out Infinity Ward too often accused of acting behind the backs of players. By playing the card of transparency, managers ensure compliance with the gaming community and their support. Satisfied with the effectiveness of sniper rifles and knives, developers will not make any change to that level.

However, they hope to revise upwards the decline of AK-74U with a handle. Using the handle significantly reduces the decline led to each of gunfire. This reduction seems too high in the eyes of that Treyarch will try to make the weapon more equitable. The Second Chance perk is also on trial.

It allows players equipped to perk up with the assistance of a teammate in case of deadly attack, a possibility that could soon be limited to a single rescue. It ends with the RC-XD killstreak likely to see its reach and its speed changed. The patch 1.06 clearly risks to alter the habits of players, especially fans of “run and gun.”



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