Mac Apple Store 1 million downloads on the first day

The portal application download Mac App Store has been relatively well received by the community of Mac users, but it is too early to judge its success.
As promised, Apple gave last week to kick off the Mac App Store , a download portal for free and paid applications aimed at computers running Mac OS X environment. And according to preliminary data provided by the Cupertino giant, it would have been relatively well received by the user community, with a million downloads made during the first twenty-four hours.

But it is still too early to judge the true success of this platform. A decline of several months will know exactly what it is. One thing is however quite clear: the figures are unlikely ever those of the App Store for iOS , Macs do not actually experiencing the same success as the iPhone and smartphones iPad Touch Pad and do not necessarily turn all Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, which is the minimum required for recall.




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