New Fallout Vegas New DLC ?

The recent release of Dead Money pushed Bethesda Softworks to take further steps. ZeniMax Media, owner of Bethesda Softworks subsidiary, has released the artillery to legal ownership rights on a set of three brands that are Honest Hearts Lonesome Road Blues Old World. In this way, managers can exploit Vegas New Fallout these three brands without having to endure the wrath of American justice.

The trademark generally means that the owner intends to use these labels soon to short or medium term. A curious user name TheVault could find in the files of the original game a few allusions to the name Honest Hearts particularly through graffiti murals removed from the original game.

It is possible that the three recently acquired brands are to be named additional content for Fallout New Vegas. Indeed, it is unlikely that these three labels are used to appoint a full game.



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