Resident Evil Revelations 3ds Video Out !!!

Nintendo World 2011 has just begun in Japan, and Capcom has released the heavy artillery in there with Resident Evil Revelations, exclusive to 3ds.
After the damp squib has been Resident Evil 5 , we eagerly awaits each new episode of the series, while a decade ago, the release of a new Resident Evil moved her crowds. Today, with Resident Evil Revelations , Capcom seems to want to return to the fundamentals of the saga, focusing in particular on the integration of fear , sadly missing the final segment HD. The bet is even harder to meet it will be won on a portable console, because Revelations is expected to be one of the launch games for Nintendo 3DS.
As such, Capcom has made his game at the Nintendo World 2011 having recently opened its doors, and the producers of Resident Evil Revelations have even bestowed a sequence of gameplay (at 9:35) from which we can identify some elements. The graphics performance is there, and we believe that Revelations is placed on this plan, a little above productions PSP. The camera angles are not taxed, unlike the first installment of the license, and the camera can be rotated by the player when traveling. The atmosphere promises to be murky at will, the adventure takes place on a soft liner that Jill Valentine and his 33 tons of brother Chris Redfield will have to survive a threat of creatures probably fed to any virus. Resident Evil Revelations will be marketed from February 26, 2011 in Japan, Nintendo 3DS.


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