Free Macworld 2011 Passes From ZooGue

California based ZooGue announces they will be giving away free Macworld 2011 passes to everyone that purchases a ZooGue iPad Case online, between Jan. 14th – Jan. 18th. ZooGue extends an invitation to attend the show that brings a wealth of innovations to a buffet of technology. With great anticipation over the upcoming Macworld event, ZooGue brings the most innovative iPad case to the tech savvy consumer.

ZooGue is proud to announce they will be giving away free Macworld 2011 passes (a $25.00 value) to everyone that purchases a ZooGue iPad(TM) Case online, between Jan. 14th – Jan. 18th. The highly acclaimed ZooGue iPad(TM) Case Genius is known as the most functional iPad(TM) case on the market to date. In many ways it far exceeds the expectations of the iPad(TM) user, by providing not only a stable and secure stand but also limitless functionality of use. So what can be better than being offered a free pass to the best Mac show ever? The customer now receives two amazing benefits. A great case and a great show!

Macworld 2011 is a four day celebration that educates and entertains. This year MacWorld is said to be 30% – 40% larger than last year. Macworld offers access to hundreds of apple related products and services. Discover cool software, hardware and accessories to use with your favorite Apple devices. You will also find expert advice, demonstrations and instruction by the very people that develop these products.

As advocates for the Mac world of technology, ZooGue offers their customers the added benefit of seeing all the new and upcoming products that Macworld 2011 brings. ZooGue will be on hand as well to showcase the new colors and accessories that have helped broaden the name of the most functional iPad(TM)case in the world.


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