Langloria releases SAT Vocabulary Activator 1.0 for iOS

Langloria today is proud to announce the release of SAT Vocabulary Activator 1.0 for iOS devices. SAT Vocabulary Activator Application will help students to pass the SAT Vocabulary Exam with high scores. The application contains all of the 5000 SAT words and several options for working with each SAT Vocabulary word, helping you get the result you expect. Its ease of use and the ability to use it with friends will turn the process of learning of these words into a hobby.

SAT Vocabulary Activator:

  • A system for studying, containing 5000 words necessary for passing the SAT, with definitions, examples, sound files, pictures to help the memory, synonyms, links and a navigation system.
  • A system of testing made up of 3 types of testing and more than 5000 questions.
  • Internal games can be used to compete with friends and, if successful, get medals.
  • Openfeint Leaderboards and achievements.


  • It has a huge database of over 5000 words with clear definitions. 500 of the most common SAT words are recorded and can be listened to during the preparation for the exam from an audio file. The most difficult words have synonyms and are used in sample sentences. Several hundred of the most difficult words are provided with hook-words (new!). These come into your mind when you come into contact with the SAT words on the test, and help you to remember the meaning. For example: adamant – diamond, boisterous – boast, bursar – purse. Many words are illustrated by pictures, which help you to memorize the words which will take on a unique emotional coloring.
  • It has an automatic system of semantic navigation (new!) which presents the words and their definitions in an optimum order to create in your mind the semantic field of SAT words. It is much more efficient than other more laborious options of learning SAT words in alphabetical or random order. It is especially important if you are running short of time and cannot study the words in a traditional “read and learn way”. You can move over the links, expanding your knowledge and deepening your understanding.
  • The application also has an indicator of how well you learn the words. It can give you an idea of how ready you are for the exam. There is testing in this program. Every word is included in our tests. Every word is included in our tests, so you can learn and then test yourself at the same time. Time is money and using this application can help you use your time better.
  • In doing the tests successfully you get points, medals (prizes) and you can compete with friends to see who is in the best condition. OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards are included to give you the chance to go head to head with other users and become the best in the world.

The application has 3 versions: full, extended, lite

  • The full version contains all 5000 words for passing the SAT
  • The free version contains 200 of the most common words in the SAT. You can study these words, try example tests, get medals and compete with friends
  • The extended version contains all 5000 words, necessary for the SAT, divided into levels. The first level concentrates on the 200 most common words

You can get to the next level free by:

  • Getting 3 gold medals from passing the tests of level 1 within the course of 3 days
  • Collecting the necessary number of friends in the application
  • Or by buying new levels. Gradually you will build up a full base of 5000 words

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We will help you to learn a foreign language from the start in an easy way, to master a foreign language to proficiency level and to prepare for and pass foreign language tests.

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Requires iOS 3.1 or later (iOS 4.0 Tested)
  • Universal Application
  • 11.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
SAT Activator Full is $6.99 cents (USD). SAT Vocab Activator Ext is $0.99 cents (USD). SAT Activator Lite is free. All of this versions are available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education and Game category.


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