Radeon X800PRO by Sapphire,TUL & Visiontek

THREE OF ATI’s close partners have decided to introduce their Radeon X800PRO cards.
Sapphire, TUL and Visiontek are among the ones who informed us that they are ready to roll, have designed the boxes, and what software they will bundle with them.

Many of those companies are still not cool to talk about their bundles but we can assure you that they will be different from each other. What we know at this point is that the Visiontek card clocked at 475MHz/900 MHz GDDR3 will cost $399 and they expect to see the cards in retail within days from Circuit City, CompUSA, Fry’s Electronics, Micro Center in the USA. We don’t know anything about the bundle yet, but we will the firm later today.

As for Sapphire, its cards should be available very soon across Europe and I guess in the USA as well but it is still not ready to talk about its bundle.

News source: theinquirer.net TUL, or should we say Power Color, will bundle the Hitmen Contracts game, a nice set of cables, lots of power DVD products such as PowerProducer 2.0 Golden DVD, PowerDirector 3.0 SE+, Power2Go, PowerDVD 5.0 and Medi@show 2.0 SE+. Its cards will cost $449 but should be available shortly and will come with a nice carrying case.

Club 3D has introduced X800XT and X800PRO and gave its specifications but hasn’t mentioned any pricing or bundle. Its X800 XT cards have 16 rendering pipelines with core/mem. The cards clock 520MHz/1.12GHz, have six vertex shaders, 256MB GDDR3, 256-bit while the X800 PRO has 12 rendering pipelines. The clock is 475MHz/900MHz with six vertex shaders and 256MB GDDR3, 256-bit.

We expect some of these cards to be in the shops in the EU and the USA, depending on the partner, in a week’s time. µ


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