Chicago Mayoral Results Predictions on Facebook Fan Page

New Media Expert Johnny Campbell, The Transition Man accurately predicted 1 day in advance who would win the 2011 Chicago Mayoral election and how each candidate would finish by reviewing each candidate’s Facebook Fan page.

After carefully reviewing the polling percentages of each candidate and the number of people who “Like” a candidate’s Facebook Fan page, Campbell concluded that fan page “likes” influenced the candidate’s polling position in the race. He found that the number of “likes” a candidate received and the degree of engagement on the page would correctly predict who would win the election and how each candidate would place in the race to become the Mayor of Chicago.    

With almost 600 million users on Facebook and almost 5.9 million people in Chicago using the social networking site, Facebook and especially Facebook Fan pages are proving to be a powerful way for business owners, corporations and politicians to get their message, product or service out to their marketplace, community or constituents.

To see his prediction and the review of each candidate’s Facebook Fan Page go to: Be sure to ‘Like” the page and click on the “wall” tab.

Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS is an author and business speaker, on the topics of change and how to use social media marketing techniques to build brand loyalty and sell more products & services.

Campbell is a 2007 speaker-hall of fame inductee and holds the designation of an accredited speaker a designation bestowed by toastmaster international and held by only 60 professional speakers in the world for excellence in public speaking. He was also voted the 2009 Wordsmith of the year by the state of Illinois chapter for The National Speaker Association.

In the world social media, Johnny’s is a one of kind marketer with his highly effective marketing and selling techniques that get people to reach into their wallets and buy. Thanks to his social media sales system he has had leaders from around the country with Annual incomes of over 900 million dollars seek his advice on selling in the social networks. Based on his business results and his experiences at Monetizing and showing an ROI for his client’s social media efforts he is known as “The Transition Man.


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