Improve your Relationship on iPhone by LoveUMore

MyExpertSolution announced today the availability of a new iPhone app, LoveUMore, designed to help couples improve their relationship by paying more attention to each other. This behavioral tracking tool is part of the company’s Digital Life Skills Coach, a creative new solution designed to help people enjoy improved health and productivity.

Brett Williams, M.F.T. and Executive Director of Behavioral Health at MyExpertSolution, says, “Love is all about attention — the more you give, the stronger the relationship will be. We designed this app to help couples pay more attention to each other in 5 important ways.” The concepts used in the design of this app are based on Mr. Williams’s 20 years of clinical practice, and are also described in his book, You Can Be Right, Or You Can Be Married.

This convenient new app helps couples track the attention couples give each other in five key areas, called The Five Essentials — Time, Talking, Tasks, Touch, and Thanks.

Each person in the relationship can create goals for spending time, talking, doing acts of service, making physical contact and showing gratitude and appreciation for each other. As they accomplish these items, they mark them as done and then their performance is rated. They can also state what behaviors should be repeated every day, week, or month. They can even set a reminder to do something special on certain days of the week, such as a Friday night foot rub.

The app rates behavior at four levels — “Excellent,” “Doing Well,” “Getting By” and “Poor.” For example, spending 30 minutes together each day and a date night together each week merits an “Excellent” rating for spending time together.

Allen Tietjen, CEO of MyExpertSolution, says, “People love the idea of a Digital Coach that’s always available. Our Web-based evaluations, education and tracking tools are great, but for accountability, there’s nothing like a mobile app that’s always right there in your pocket.”

This attractive new app is available for free in Apple’s App Store. From your iPhone or iPod, just search for LoveUMore from the mobile App Store, or search for the same name in iTunes. LoveUMore runs on Apple’s iOS 3.13 and later, available on a wide variety of iPhone and iPod touch models.


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