Windows Tablet 8 First Demo in June 2011

Behind shelves and have still not adapted to this OS product, Microsoft must move forward. And could give first demonstration of Windows Tablet 8 in the month of June. After being overwhelmed on smartphones, now trying to recover lost ground with Windows 7 Phone , whose partnership with Nokia would be the base, Microsoft has also seen the remote touch pads.

This is not for lack of trying to promote this type of aircraft in 2006 but the initiative came a little early, mobile technologies and processors then not being mature enough.

Its Windows platform is not very comfortable with ARM processors, the group of Redmond has no other choice than to offer a combination of Windows 7 / Intel Atom x86, while the depth is himself behind the mobility aspect.

Has not provided the special version of Windows 7 shelves, and do not always seem determined to put in Windows 7 Phone mobile products outside of smartphones, there remains only the solution of a next evolution of Windows.

The risk should come from Windows 8 , which Microsoft announced it will offer a version adapted to the shelves and ARM processors (but not only). Several skiers working on it (Nvidia, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm …) and should use the architecture ARM Cortex-A15 (for two) for this purpose.



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