Cisco extends security framework

CISCO has expanded its Network Admission Control (NAC) framework to offer protection against spyware, viruses and worms. There’s now more support for Cisco Catalyst switch and wireless solutions, with the NAC partner program expanded to include a new agentless auditing category. Cisco has also announced enhancements to the NAC appliance family, formerly known as the Cisco Clean Access family.

The vendor says these moves expand upon its Self-Defending Network security strategy that aims to help customers identify, prevent and adapt to a range of security threats.

“Companies the world over are continually looking to help ensure they protect and have control over all devices gaining access to the company network, in compliance with ever tightening corporate security policies,” said Chris Thatcher, principal consultant for security for reseller Dimension Data. “The advancements to the NAC framework mean that organizations are now able to take more advantage of their network infrastructure, security and management software investments and help enable the assessment of the security state of wired and wireless clients. This allows organizations to help enforce security policy by either granting or denying access to network resources based on client compliance with security policy. This will help provide an even more secure network environment via this controlled access.” µ

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