PowerDVD happen soon on Android

At CeBIT, the publisher of multimedia software Cyberlink was able to demonstrate new solutions on which he works. One of them is neither more nor less than PowerDVD platform for Google Android.

If the software is presented well and truly entitled PowerDVD, but the features are quite different from what the software offers the same name on PC. However the two could eventually offer some interactions. Meanwhile, the Android version of PowerDVD provides a centralized reading of multimedia data Android with a music player, video player and photo viewer. Among the features offered (or planned) include the ability to read the Android media from a UPnP server on your network. DLNA compliant, the software can also send a video (or audio) of the tablet to your laptop or any other DLNA compliant device.


For now Cyberlink has not determined how to market its PowerDVD application for Android. The editor seems to favor a distribution to OEM before why not consider selling direct to users. PC version of PowerDVD, it will evolve in the coming weeks with the release of PowerDVD 11. We will have the opportunity to speak.


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