Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 Public Beta Now Available

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the availability of Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 software for public beta, enabling ColdFusion developers worldwide to test the new features and functionality that will be made available in the final release of ColdFusion Builder 2. Using ColdFusion Builder 2 beta, users can develop, test, and deploy applications in less time, customize their work environment to improve workflow, and expand functionality with extensions built with CFML. When combined with Adobe ColdFusion 9 and the Adobe Flash Platform, developers can utilize a comprehensive set of tools, services and runtimes, for creating rich Internet applications.

Faster Development with Customized Functionality:
ColdFusion Builder is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) used for rapidly developing ColdFusion applications. The new beta release provides professional coding tools, server management, testing tools, and new deployment capabilities, enabling developers to quickly and easily move from development to production with less code and fewer errors. It also allows developers to create a start page for their applications and customize keyboard shortcuts, color coding, code formatting and code snippets, speeding up the development process. Developers can use CFML to increase the functionality of ColdFusion Builder 2 beta, creating extensions to generate applications, insert blocks of code, and expand code assist with customized code proposals.


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