Google buys a company reverse engineering

The Mountain View company goes shopping in the area of computer security and pushed the German Zynamics in her lap.
It is a surprise acquisition for which the amount of the transaction were not disclosed. A surprise as the CEO of Zynamics not get over himself. Also known under the pseudonym Halvar Flake on the stage of computer security, Thomas Dullien expressed surprise and said that at its inception the German company had not intended to be sold one day.

All the small Zynamics team will join Google, and for Thomas Dullien, is also a form of relief. He sees the golden opportunity for him to devote himself solely to the technical work and so abandon all tasks related to managing the business.

Zynamics is a company that has developed tools for reverse engineering (BinDiff, BinNavi, VxClass, BinCrowd) known to security researchers. They can analyze software code to understand all the complex relationships and look for vulnerabilities.

Google has not indicated what he will do with this technology.



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