Fujitsu Semiconductor Launched the New Generation AVS Interactive STB Decoder Solution

Fujitsu Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd. (FSAL) today announced the release of MB86H06, a new generation of interactive Set Top Box (STB) Mpeg2/H.264 decoder solution capable of supporting China’s AVS format too. The chip is mainly used in the standard definition digital STB/integrated digital television (iDTV), Cable Television (bidirectional interactive), Terrestrial Television Broadcasting and Satellite H.264 in Asia. Sample shipments for MB86H06 will start as of today.

The MB86H06 chip is based on a multiple-core CPU structure with the maximum frequency reaching 324MHz. It not only supports visual decoding formats such as MPEG-2, H.264 and AVS etc., its audio decoding unit can also support many advanced audio formats, such as AAC/HE-AAC etc. MB86H06 has embedded a secured area suitable for applications requiring high security functionality too.

As an integrated SOC, MB86H06 has enhanced support for bidirectional interactions like on-chip Ethernet, USB functions to support multiple channels of serial Flash and single DDR2 memory. Adding a simple RF Tuner to MB86H06 on a 2 layer PCB board effectively completes the design for a cost effective STB and iDTV product.

The high performance CPU with an independent 2D hardware graphics acceleration engine in MB86H06 allows for the ease of creating dynamic and eye-catching menus needed in today’s products to capture the interest of the consumer.

MB86H06, a standard definition decoder, is equipped with an integrated HDMI output to bring out the advantages brought about by media digitalization. Standard definition videos quality can be preserved, transferred losslessly to the flat screen television set via the HDMI high definition digital interface. In a time when the flat screen television is becoming a “must have” in the home, MB86H06 delivers high SD quality videos right to the home.

Fujitsu Semiconductor always regards Asia as an important market for STB. We have developed profound partnership with box manufacturers, browsers, middleware and CAs vendors to offer the right combination to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Fujitsu Semiconductor is closely following the evolution of NGB (i.e. convergence of telecommunication network, computer and cable television network) and 3D television and will continue to develop effective solutions to meet various needs of our customers.


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