Google Apps: An Option for extra storage

Google announced that users of Google Apps to take advantage of web services firm with its own domain, can now buy more storage.

Since long time, the services presented to conventional accounts of have always been better-off than those of Google Apps. I must admit  that it is more targeted to business. But now as things have changed and in addition to the suite, the domain name holders on Google’s servers can now access the feed reader Google Reader, handle their photos on Picasa Web Albums, make a blog on Blogger or manage the synchronization on the browser Google Chrome.

Still, for users of the standard (and free) Google Apps, the capability to obtain more storage space would essentially result in an update of the offer to the Premier version, 40 euro per user. Now you can benefit from the options made available for classics. Thus the user can have 20 GB for extra $ 5 per year and that up to 16 TB for 4096 dollars a year. The administrator will decide to enable or not this option for each user through the management interface.

Still, opposing to conventional accounts, this space will be separated between services like Picasa Web Albums, Blogger and Google Docs. It is yet essential to subscribe to Google Apps Premier, and hence migrate all users to update the quota reserved for mail service Gmail.

This proposal, on the eve of the release of the Chrome OS system, highlights Google’s efforts in the field of cloud computing. Recently Google Docs has also become a central repository allowing all types of files.

Get the complete Storage Charges here.


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