MSI Introduces New Graphics Cards, Cooling and Overclocking Technology for 2011

Boasts Three Main Attractions You Can’t Miss: Dual Ultimate Lightning Cards, Propeller Blade Cooling, and Afterburner Triple Overvoltage.

CeBIT, the international computer expo held each year in Hannover, Germany, is one of the annual highlights of the global computer industry and captures the attention of international media and buyers alike. Vendors all do their best to showcase their latest products and technologies at the show, with leading global graphics card maker MSI among the manufacturers attracting the most attention. Between March 1 and March 5, MSI will show off its latest cutting edge products, exclusive cooling design, and overclocking technologies at CeBIT (Hall 17, C38). These will include the two ultimate Lightning graphics cards N580GTX Lightning and R6970 Lightning based on the Power 4 power supply architecture. Also on display will be MSI’s exclusive Propeller Blade cooling solution and innovative Triple Overvoltage technology. The displays at CeBIT 2011 will enable you to fully experience the outstanding design and construction of MSI graphics cards as well as their enhanced cooling and proprietary overclocking technology. These are the three main features that MSI will be focusing on promoting in 2011. MSI also plans to reveal never before seen graphics card products during CeBIT 2011. For those eagerly waiting to find out more about MSI products and technologies, be sure not to miss the MSI Graphics Card booth!

Industry-leading Power4 Power Supply for the Two Ultimate Lightning Cards:
MSI is putting on display several top of the line graphics cards that use the industry-leading Power4 power supply architecture, including the R690 Lightning / N580GTX Lightning. Improvements have been made in the design and components used in four power supply-related areas: The PWM module is twice as large as before and provides triple the amount of current to the GPU; Memory has its own independent power supply using an 8-pin connector for minimum interference to greatly increase overclocking potential. The next-generation Proadlizer capacitor increases signal stability by leaps and bounds while CopperMOS, the industry’s best MOSFET, provides the GPU with a large and stable power supply.

Products Utilizing Innovative Twin Frozr III Cooling with Propeller Blade Technology Make Their Global Debut:
MSI is keeping things cool by displaying a number of products equipped with the Twin Frozr III cooling solution such as the R6950/N570GTX Twin Frozr III Power Edition. Twin Frozr III with exclusive Propeller Blade technology increases airflow by 20% and reduces temperatures by 18°C, all while lowering fan noise by 7.7dB, to keep your system running cool and quiet. By using Propeller Blade technology to boost the airflow on the latest Twin Frozr III cooling module, MSI has successfully taken cooling performance to a whole new level.

Proprietary Triple Overvoltage Technology Boosts Overclocking Performance for Two New Hawk Products:
The exclusive MSI Afterburner (V2.0.0) overclocking utility bundled with many entry-level and standard products such as the R6870 Hawk/ N560GTX-Ti Hawk not only can be used to adjust GPU and memory frequencies but also control the GPU/Memory/PLL voltage. This unleashes the graphics card’s full overclocking potential! The integrated Triple Overvoltage feature improves overclocking performance by an additional 21%. This extreme level of performance is something you absolutely need to see for yourself!

Those who are interested in experiencing all of the advantages MSI brings with its attention to detail on Graphics Card’s and unique technological features are welcome to come visit the MSI display at Booth C38 in Hall 17 during CeBIT. MSI staff will be on hand to provide you with more detailed and thorough information. For more information and to see the online product gallery, please visit the MSI CeBIT 2011 page at:



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