Google Maps 5.2 Now Available in Android Market

A new version of the popular Google Maps application is now available for download via the Android Market, adding some new features in to the mix, such as the possibility to post ratings and reviews to Twitter, along with an enhancement to check-ins, so that users can ping friends and search for places.

The application was released for all Android smartphones running under version 1.6 or higher, and can be found in the Android Market here. The new flavor of the mobile application was designed so as to offer users the possibility to stay close to their friends in more ways, while also connecting with places they like.

“Whether it’s Google Places with Hotpot or Google Latitude, we’re working on helping you connect the people you care about with places you love,” Adam Connors, Google Maps for mobile team, notes in a recent blog post.

“Now, when you’re rating your dinner spot using Google Maps for Android, you can share your review with even more people by posting it to Twitter.” Those who rate and review different locations from Google Places already had the ability to share the recommendations with Hotpot friends and across Google’s products, and now they can also share them to their followers on Twitter directly, straight from the Android phone in their hands.

“When rating on the go using our rating widget, just choose to Post review to Twitter and connect your Twitter account. You’ll get a preview of your tweet and will be able to post your ratings and reviews moving forward,” Adam Connors continues. Android users who checking in at places using Google Latitude would be able to ping nearby Latitude friends that appear on the map, so as to ask them where they are.

“You’ll also be able to more easily check yourself in at the right place. Sometimes there are a lot of nearby places around you, and the right one is missing from the suggested list of places to check in. You can now quickly search for the right place using the Search more places button,” the said post continues.


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