AVADirect Now Authorized Kingston HyperX Reseller

AVADirect is officially an authorized reseller of Kingston HyperX RAM kits. We say “It’s about time!”, as we have been selling Kingston product since the dawn of AVADirect. Being a custom PC builder, you come across many manufactures over thousands of products. Several factors come into play when recommending the best there is. With Kingston it specifically comes down to a couple key variables: performance, and reliability. Kingston has the lowest failure rate amongst any RAM manufacturer we have seen. Not only do we rarely ever have to tweak their factory clocks and latency timings, but they accommodate a fiercely overclocked system extremely well. They provide one of the cheapest RAM kits (cost, not quality) you can find when compared to other manufactures. We are honored to be featured on the Hyper-X portion of their website. Kingston has stringent reseller volume requirements to be featured on their main page. Yes, we could have made the page if we desired. There’s just one problem; we are addicted to the HyperX brand and recommend them in all high-end systems we offer. The largest portion of our sales are contributed to Gaming, which is the largest reason why we sell HyperX over ValuRAM. Feel free to check out the link and see our logo represented on their HyperX site!


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