i.Fuzen HP-1 for Apple iPhone 4 Announced by Auzentech

Auzentech Announces i.Fuzen HP-1

Three-in-One Enhancement to iPhone 4 Provides Dual Audio, Power and Protection.

Auzentech, Inc announced today the imminent release of the i.Fuzen HP-1, a World First product from Auzentech that brings improved audio, mobility, and protection to the iPhone 4 (compatible with both AT&T and Verizon versions).

The Auzen i.Fuzen HP-1 is a three-in-one enhancement to the iPhone 4.

1. The i.Fuzen HP-1 features a powerful, proprietary dual-headphone amp, allowing iPhone users to share their audio with friends, and even power audiophile-quality headphones.
2. The i.Fuzen HP-1 provides powerful battery backup available for the iPhone 4.
3. The i.Fuzen HP-1 wraps the iPhone 4 in a hard shell for maximum protection and enhanced look and feel.
Below is a summary of Auzen i.Fuzen HP-1 specifications and features.
• “Made for iPhone” logo certified.
• Proprietary Auzentech headphone amplifier technology
• Dual headphone output port for shared listening experience; supports both high and low impedance headphones
• 32 to 600 Ohm load impedance
• 113dB (A-weighted) signal-to-noise ratio
• ZX-Driver provides ultra-low distortion and max 180mW output power
• J-FET OPAMP provides vacuum tube-like listening experience
• Proprietary Auzentech headphone Sound Mode Selector provides optimized sound for your headphone
• Touch Panel volume control
• Impressive 1650mAh Li-Polymer battery with Smart Protection Circuit
• Four-step LED battery life meter and battery life check button
• Charging via USB port (from desktop PC or laptop) with supplied USB cable
• Pass-through sync with iTunes

“The Auzentech sound technologies in the i.Fuzen HP-1 mark a new era for iPhone owners who use their devices for audio playback,” said Stephane Bae, President of Auzentech, Inc. “We look forward to developing additional Apple-related products in the future.”

The Auzen i.Fuzen HP-1 will be available in black and is expected to ship the first week of April 2011. The Auzen i.Fuzen HP-1 is priced at $129.99 and pre-order starting today. Early reviewer samples will be available upon request.


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