Acer Business Series LCD Professional Displays – Enhanced with LED and wide angle panel technology

Sturdy and reliable, the Acer Business series LCD monitors were designed for intensive daily use and to deliver exceptional graphics and optimal viewing. Ideal for high performing businesses and professionals, these monitors offer the best mix of high definition graphics, excellent reliability and multi-functionality. Now, Acer enriched the series with two new models – B243HLC and B273HL – that feature wide angle panel and LED technology, making them the ideal productive work interface.

With LCD displays, the optimal visual is enjoyed when sitting directly in front of them. The further away you move from this central position, the lower becomes the quality of images, with loss of detail and contrast, making it difficult for multiple users to see properly the content displayed. This is why a wide viewing angle is so important, especially if you need to pivot or swivel the display or use a multi-monitor setup.

The new B243HLC and B273HL models are now available with a 178° wide viewing angle, to offer users more flexibility and a better performance. More users can simultaneously view the display content from different work positions with no compromise to picture quality.

On top of wide viewing angle, the new models feature height, tilt and swivel adjustments, so that each user can find the best viewing position. The tilt angle is 15 degrees up and 5 down; while the swivel angle is 35 degrees to the right and left. The height can be adjusted up to 110 mm and selected models also feature pivot functionality, allowing the monitors to be rotated up to 90° if needed. Hence the Business series displays can always be set to the more convenient position to ensure maximum comfort for the highest productivity.

Characterised by an essential look and feel, the Business series displays feature a stylish dark-grey bezel complemented by an elegant black base. Control buttons are placed on the front bezel, for seamless, intuitive use while adding a touch of refinement to the look. The new Business series models come in three different sizes, 56cm (22”), 61cm (24”) and 69cm (27”), with either 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio and Full HD and HD+ resolutions, allowing to view more data and maximizing office productivity.

Featuring outstanding dynamic contrast ratios – up to 100,000,000:1 in the B243HLC and B273HL models – optimized by Acer Adaptive Contrast Management, these LCDs render razor-sharp images with rich colours through the enhancement of detail and gradation in bright or dim scenes. This allows users to view heavy data files or CAD applications with exceptional precision and sharp defined lines.

The Business series ensure easy connectivity to a wide range of devices thanks to multiple ports: VGA; DVI with HDCP protection and HDMI (on the B273HL model), providing advanced digital connectivity enabling outstanding high-definition viewing and best quality uncompressed video currently available

Packed with technologies designed to offer dependability and premier performance, the Business series integrates only Class A panels with zero bright dot pixel policy to guarantee a consistent image. They are also comprehensively tested to ensure that Acer Business displays deliver high quality and performance.

Ideal for environmentally conscious users, the Business series monitors falls under Acer range of EcoDisplays. Acer EcoDisplays are compliant with the most stringent international standards such as EnergyStar 5.0, TCO 5.0 and the new ISO 9241-307 certifying high quality service, lower power consumption and environmentally friendly materials.

All new models integrate White LED technology that does away with hazardous substances such as mercury or halogen gases and allows the reduction of power consumption by up to 68% compared to the traditional CFFL displays. What’s more, LED lamps not only ensure exceptional reliability and great savings but deliver a better performance. In fact, they allow the reproduction of a larger color range with better saturation: the result is extraordinary realism, unobtainable with standard technologies. Acer EcoDisplays are also free of hazardous substances, such as PVC and BFR, in casing, printed circuits laminates, connectors and internal cables, for both system and panel.

Acer Business series LCD monitors feature cutting-edge display technologies to give users the best viewing experience. Acer eColor Management technology adapts the performance of the panel to different environments, light conditions and viewing preferences enabling users to fine-tune the display settings by redefining the colour precision according to the work mode: data, media, cinema or images.

Acer Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM) dynamically adjusts the contrast ratio to achieve ultra-sharp images. Each scene is analysed to fine-tune images frame by frame and enhance colour quality, obtaining a dramatic improvement of gradation and detail, especially in dimmer and brighter scenes. Acer ACM also enables the LCD monitor to use less power and save energy.

Acer eDisplay Management is a powerful tool enabling advanced colour calibration and display management. Each personalized setting can be stored and quickly recalled for different applications and light conditions. All Business series displays come with a three-year bring in warranty.


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