MiX’Em Games for New Verizon iPhone Users

With the iPhone 4 now available through Verizon Wireless, customers can get Best App Ever Award nominated game MiX’Em for a limited-time sale price in the Apple iTunes Store.

To celebrate the arrival of the iPhone 4 for Verizon customers, MONSTERS Unlimited announces a limited-time discount on their acclaimed family game “MiX’Em”. The app will be available at the sale price of $0.99.

The iPhone 4 went on sale to Verizon customers this week, breaking sales records and giving millions more people access to Apple’s signature device. It also gives Verizon customers access to the wealth of innovative apps available for purchase in the Apple iTunes Store.

“A lot of Verizon customers have been waiting a long time to get the iPhone. Now that they finally have it, we wanted to give them the opportunity to purchase MiX’Em at the same discounted price we offered when we launched the app last year,” explained game designer Patrick Jebber.

MiX’Em incorporates four imaginative games designed to engage and educate children – while also entertaining adults. In January, MiX’Em was nominated for multiple Best App Ever Awards. Fans voted MiX‘Em a top ten app in three different categories: Best Kids App, Best Parenting App, and Best Family Game.

“For Verizon iPhone 4 users who are looking for a fun game they can play with the entire family, MiX’Em is a great value,” Jebber said. “We hope all the new Verizon iPhone customers will take advantage of this limited-time offer.”

MiX’Em is currently available for download in the Apple iTunes Store for 99 cents. Learn more about the MiX’Em app at the MiX’Em game website.


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