IntelliClick Software version 6.0 for Goldmine CRM users

Glenview, IL Business Automation Solutions, Inc., is pleased to announce the release of IntelliClick Software version 6.0, professional email tracking for Goldmine CRM users.GoldMine email marketingThe latest release packs powerful new features into the already popular Goldmine CRM add-on. IntelliClick makes GoldMine email marketing simple and effective by providing real-time alerts for tracked clicks, immediate calls to action, such as literature fulfillment and event registration; and powerful instant CRM integration.

The GoldMine email tracking new features include potent one-click capabilities that process bounced emails, allow for opt-in newsletter marketing, and success ratio reporting. Also, there are unique analysis reports not typically found in any eMarketing solution for GoldMine.

The IntelliClick for GoldMine email marketing solution continues to prove its dedication to customer satisfaction by providing GoldMine email tracking enhancements that directly reflect the needs of its GoldMine marketing clients. “Our customers continue to grow more sophisticated with their marketing campaign needs, and IntelliClick continues to respond. We look forward to growing along with our IntelliClick customer base” said Pamela Pearl, Director of Marketing for IntelliClick Software.


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