Sogeti USA Transforms Oracle E-Business Suite Performance with Oracle Exadata Database Machine

News Facts:

  • Sogeti USA, a premier provider of information technology services, has migrated its online transaction processing (OLTP) and reporting databases onto Oracle Exadata Database Machine.
  • By moving its Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition databases to an Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Sogeti realized application performance increases of 6x and transformed reporting from batch job to real-time and on-demand with 24/7 availability–even during critical month-end processing.

Sogeti USA Enhances Business Operations with Oracle Exadata:

  • Based in Dayton, Ohio, with 23 local offices throughout the United States, Sogeti USA specializes in enterprise IT solutions including application development, infrastructure services, business information management, testing, advisory services and engineering services.
  • Over 3,000 users rely on the Oracle E-Business Suite spanning Oracle Financials, Oracle Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Oracle Project Accounting and Oracle Fixed Assets modules as well as legacy and third-party applications at Sogeti USA to help run the business and deliver services to clients in a timely and efficient manner.
  • A wholly-owned subsidiary of Cap Gemini S.A., Sogeti USA faced some IT and resource challenges that compelled it to explore changes to its underlying application infrastructure including:
    • Reporting limited to batch jobs to avoid impacting OLTP applications especially during month-end close processing;
    • A small IT staff to manage a growing number of requests for information;
    • High dependence on IT staff for report writing and query tuning; and,
    • Time lost by IT staff and end users due to large maintenance windows and batch processing windows.
  • By consolidating its application and reporting databases onto an Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Sogeti USA was able to:
    • Achieve higher availability of its OLTP applications and reporting concurrently;
    • Deliver online real-time reporting for critical Key Performance Indicators measured across the enterprise without impacting OLTP applications;
    • Eliminate the need for batch reporting;
    • Simplify database administration and performance tuning;
    • Achieve application performance increases an average of 6x taking advantage of Exadata Smart Flash Cache, which delivers over 500,000 I/Os per second to enable extreme OLTP performance; and,
    • Reduce the amount of servers used to support applications resulting in meaningful cost savings.
  • Sogeti USA has standardized on Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition for enterprise wide business intelligence and reporting.
  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine went into production at Sogeti USA on August 15, 2010. Sogeti USA purchased Oracle Exadata Database Machine in October 2009.


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