Oracle Introduces Oracle’s PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management

New Mobile Application Helps Improve Inventory Accuracy and User Productivity.

News Facts:

  • Extending its comprehensive portfolio of inventory management and mobile solutions, Oracle today announced Oracle’s PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management.
  • A new application within Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Supply Chain Management suite, PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management helps improve inventory accuracy and labor productivity by automating mobile inventory transactions for users of Microsoft Windows-enabled mobile devices and handheld scanners.
  • By enabling users to enter and access information on inventory availability, process receipts and issues and do physical inventory counts without having to change station or work location, PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management streamlines inventory management processes and increases user mobility and convenience.
  • Direct integration with PeopleSoft Enterprise Inventory and Fulfillment Management can further increase efficiencies and inventory accuracy in real-time and at the point of use.
  • Leveraging the flexible environment delivered by Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management also accelerates data entry on mobile devices by allowing the user interface (UI) to be tailored to each user and specific task.
  • PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management was developed after extensive one-on-one interviews with a number of Oracle’s leading Healthcare Provider customers as well as collaboration with Focus Groups comprised of members of Healthcare, Distribution and Manufacturers User Groups. It was tailored to help healthcare institutions effectively manage inventory and receipt of supplies critical to the delivery of high quality care. While the initial product is tailored for healthcare providers, any PeopleSoft Inventory Management customer with inbound logistics and physical inventory requirements can benefit from the solution.

The Next Generation of Mobile Inventory Management:

  • PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management complements and extends Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Inventory and Fulfillment Management solution, a flexible, comprehensive inventory management system that helps organizations reduce carrying costs, labor costs and inventory write-offs.
  • The new PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management application helps organizations optimize inventory transactions by:
  • Improving Inventory Accuracy: Barcode scanning reduces data entry errors, while real-time data validation improves transaction accuracy and provides users with access to current and accurate information at the point of use.
  • Improving Worker Productivity: Automated data entry and improved time-motion activities can increase labor productivity by allowing users to enter and access information quickly and easily.
  • Supporting Rapidly Changing Mobile Technology: Device independent interface rendering and layout allows organizations to support multiple mobile devices from different vendors.
  • By leveraging the PeopleSoft security setup the new mobile application can improve data security on mobile devices by authenticating a user’s ID and password directly against that in the existing PeopleSoft system.
  • Customers can now consolidate their internal inventory management applications onto one system, thereby eliminating additional technology vendors and improving return on investment.

Supporting Quotes:

“Oracle’s PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management is engineered to be a mobile application from the ground up. It will help reduce costs and improve efficiency by automating physical inventory, receiving and replenishments. I see great potential benefits for our joint customers. This application aligns with the customer’s strategic goal of consolidating applications with a single vendor to reduce cost while improving efficiency,” said Vince Vickers, senior vice president, Healthcare and Health Sciences, Zanett.

“By integrating mobile devices, organizations can improve data accuracy, increase mobility and streamline inventory management processes,” said Paco Aubrejuan, group vice president and general manager, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise. “PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management was developed with several of our customers and demonstrates Oracle’s continued investment in delivering significant new product capabilities across the entire PeopleSoft Enterprise suite. It also is the first Oracle application to be released using Oracle ADF Mobile. By using Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, we are able to better extend the PeopleSoft applications to provide strong new products to our customers – and to develop them at a much quicker rate than if we did not have this technology at our fingertips.”



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