AT&T to Spotlight Device and App Development During South by Southwest Workshop

Mobility Everywhere: Beyond the Smartphone; Addressing the Explosive Growth in Tablet Computing, eReaders and Digital Photoframes.

AT&T* today announced the upcoming South by Southwest Workshop, Mobility Everywhere: Beyond the Smartphone. The workshop will take place Tuesday, March 15 at 11:00 a.m. CST in the Capitol A-D room at the Sheraton. Mobility Everywhere: Beyond the Smartphone will bring together some of the industry’s leading experts on both mobile devices and applications to offer practical advice on bringing wireless connectivity to a host of new devices.

AT&T is the industry leader in emerging devices, with nearly 11 million connected devices – including tablet computers, eReaders, and digital photoframes – now on the AT&T network. The company also has an industry leading developer’s program, offering SDKs and tools for Android, Brew MP, HTML5 and Java platforms.

Event Details:

Beginning Tuesday, March 15 at 11:00 a.m., the workshop will be divided into three sections.

  • Hardware
    • Stephanie Ellenberg, associate vice president, Product Development, AT&T, will discuss the disruption of the traditional wireless device model and how new devices are becoming grass-roots initiatives. Peter Semmelhack, CEO and founder, Bug Labs, will demonstrate the Bug Labs platform.
  • Applications
    • Ed Schmit, director, Product Development, AT&T, and Daren Tsui, CEO and co-founder, mSpot, will touch on the integration of HTML5 and media.
  • Panel hosted by Avi Greengart, research director, Consumer Devices, Current Analysis, to feature:
    • Carlton Hill, vice president, Device Operations, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets
    • Cameron Coursey, associate vice president, Product Development, AT&T Emerging Devices Organization
    • Peter Semmelhack, CEO and founder, Bug Labs
    • Daren Tsui, CEO and co-founder, mSpot
    • Sean Rosenberg, managing director, Grapple Mobile
    • Members of the band Atomic Tom

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