QNAP Security Moves into the Consumer Mainstream Security with New Surveillance Video Recording System

The new VioStor VS-2008L/2004L standalone NVR offers significant cost savings and simplified installation, operation, and maintenance.

QNAP Security, a leading manufacturer of Linux-embedded, standalone Network Video Recorder (NVR) solutions today announced its first new consumer-ready standalone video surveillance recording system, the two-drive VioStor VS-2008L (8 channels) and VS-2004L (4 channels). The new models not only reduce the acquisition costs for customers, but also deliver high performance for recording from up to 4-8 video cameras simultaneously. Surveillance video is recorded on the internal hard drives (up to 4TB, sold separately) and the VioStor unit is attached to an existing network and can be configured and monitored from any PC on the network. The VioStor NVR is ideal for secure surveillance of different locations such as home, small offices, convenience stores, retail and healthcare outlets, and more.

The new VioStor models provide a user-friendly experience with 6 simplified steps for any users to start protecting their properties. End users can easily create their own home or office security system by simply attaching IP video cameras in areas that need to be monitored and adding a VioStor video surveillance recording system. The built-in RAID 1 capability of the VioStor VS-2008L/2004L allows secure protection of the recorded video against physical hard disk failure, and a single press of a button on the shell on the standalone NVR allows you to export the video to any external storage device. Users can use the mobile viewing app to easily monitor the IP cameras remotely via iPhone, iPad, or a Windows PDA, and can be notified via instant alerts sent to the mobile device when a predefined abnormality is triggered at home or in the office.

With the environment friendly design of the new generation QNAP VS-2008L/VS-2004L, the system proves to be more power efficient than a traditional CCTV system. QNAP VioStor NVR requires less physical wiring and maintenance resources than PC-based DVR. The IP-based security system can be easily maintained and the recorded videos can be viewed by the user-friendly web interface without professional IT expertise required. Moreover, users can simultaneously view up to 128 channels from multiple VioStor NVR servers by an IE browser with QNAP’s multi-server monitoring function. QNAP VioStor models now work with over 1000 IP camera models, including ONVIF-conformant devices, to offer users a wider choice of cameras to set up their home and office security system.



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