Super ‘Firefox’ previewed

A BROWSER based on the open source browser Firefox, called Flock, has just been released and claims to give a taste of what life would be like under Web 2.
The browser was developed in California by a small team spearheaded by Bart Decrem, who is known for his failed attempts in the Linux field and being a big cheese in the Mozzarella Foundation. Flock claims to integrate next-generation Web technologies such as RSS content feeds, blogs and bookmark and photo sharing.

The preview, or V0.5, can do a lot of things that Fireferret can’t. It has a lot of automated controls and there is no need to move your favourite sites into folders to manage and manage them. You can also add tags to favorites at the touch of a button.

Flock comes with a built in open source search engine, called Clucene. When you visit a webpage indexes all the content on that page so you can find it later. It can be wiped when you are finished so that you still have some privacy. You can have multiple favorites toolbars and switch between them. One of the features is it has its own blog editor that works with WordPress, Movable Type and Typepad and Blogger. It also makes it easier to put pictures into a blog by dragging and dropping them into the post. There is even a scrapbook to store web content that you want to blog about later.

It comes with a built-in RSS reader, which allows a user to read all of their favourite bogs in one place, without the need to separately navigate to each one. Various Web sites and software programs already provide this functionality, but Flock is one of the first to integrate it into a Web browser.


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