Battlefield 3 supports 3D

Battlefield 3 PC edition now supports stereoscopic 3D that is detailed at the BF3Blog. Word is that “At GDC, DICE have a number of technical presentations concerning their new Frostbite 2 engine, which powers Battlefield 3. One of the presentations, called “DirectX 11 Rendering in Battlefield 3″, goes into detail on the PC version of Battlefiled 3, and the DirectX 11 features it uses, such as Deferred Shading and SRAA antialiasing.

What caught our attention was also the talk of 3D support for Battlefield 3, of which one presentation slide was dedicated to, explaining how DICE incorporates 3D into the game. Battlefield 3 will support both Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology, and rival AMD’s HD3D. DICE will use “explicit 3D rendering”, which in essence means each frame is rendered to each eye, while retaining much of the image quality and detail that was in a regular 2D image.

3D on PCs of course requires a modern graphics card and a 3D monitor. There was no mention of 3D support on consoles.”


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