Motorola WiFi Xoom announced at $ 599

Motorola Mobility: after the launch of the Motorola Xoom WiFi / 3G, WiFi is the only version to be launched late March in the U.S. for $ 599.
First to propose a touchpad Android Honeycomb, manufacturer Motorola Mobility wastes no time and says it is able to offer its shelf Motorola Xoom WiFi version only at the end of March.

Motorola has released the 3G version in late February / WiFi Handsets for $ 799 or $ 600 with a package from the operator Verizon Wireless. Meanwhile, Apple’s been there and unveiled the iPad 2, already launched in the U.S. and available internationally from 25 March.

But starting March 27, consumers will have the alternative of Xoom Motorola WiFi tablet with 32 GB of storage space, which can be found at various retailers for $ 599 , the same rate as the iPad with 2 WiFi the same storage capacity.

The tablet still has a display 10.1 “1280 x 800 pixels with a dual core processor Nvidia Tegra 2 1 GHz, associated with 1 GB of RAM, and with the advantage of the support of Flash Player 10.2 for Android Honeycomb available from 18 March .

Tablet Motorola Xoom WiFi take the same way applicaitons, Google mobile applications and 1,50,000 of the Android Market. Motorola Mobility is able to offer alternatives to products direct from Apple and hopefully enjoy the fact that other manufacturers of tablets (Android or not) are not yet ready to launch their own products.

And to forget the little Android applications specifically dedicated to the shelves, Motorola announced several events MOTODEV developers to motivate and create a certification program for Honeycomb applications in order to accelerate their availability.


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