Samsung Expands Enterprise Computing Line With Series 2, Series 4, And Series 6 Business Laptops

New feature-rich notebooks combine reliability, versatility and performance for the managed-IT environment.

Samsung Electronics America Inc., a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corporation, today announced three new mobile PC lines for the workplace.  The Series 2, Series 4 and Series 6 laptops combine first-rate reliability and enhanced security with features like anti-shock hard drives and pressure-resistant casings to meet the needs of a fast-paced enterprise or educational environment.

“Samsung’s new mobile PCs deliver an unrivaled experience for the workplace, with features specifically designed to meet the needs of IT managers and end users,” said Scott Ledterman, director of mobile PC marketing at Samsung Enterprise Business Division. “The new Series 2, 4 and 6 laptops present a unique opportunity for Samsung to specifically focus on the enterprise and educational channels and underscores Samsung as a global leader in the enterprise PC market.”

Comfortable, Performance-Driven Experience:
With all-day use in mind, Samsung engineered the Series 2, 4, and 6 mobiles PCs to provide the most comfortable and efficient experience possible. The sleek new laptops feature the latest 2nd generation Intel Core processor technology and Intel HD graphics, with select models offering optional nVIDIA Optimus Technology for outstanding graphics performance and long battery life. . Additionally, the 300-nit 16 million color SuperBright display offers a 50-percent brighter screen than conventional displays. The new enterprise-focused mobile PCs also feature comfortable keyboards and an optional TrackPoint in addition to a large touchpad to create an enhanced user experience even during periods of extended use.

Samsung’s Fast Start technology helps users take control of their work flow, allowing users to begin working within 3 seconds of opening the display or pressing the power button when in sleep mode. Samsung Fast Start also automatically saves data onto the HDD, to prevent data loss in the event the device loses power or the battery is removed.  For added performance in the business world, Samsung’s Fast Browsing feature offers up to a 15-percent improvement in web response time, allowing users to quickly access information and databases online.

Samsung’s new line of business notebooks provide outstanding battery life with a high capacity 6-cell battery providing up to 7 hours of battery life on a single charge.  The optional 9-cell battery provides even longer battery life for mobile professionals on the go.

Unwavering Reliability, Durability and Security:
Ensuring that a workforce can perform whenever and wherever they need, durability and reliability is at the core of the new lines with a standard 3-year warranty on all models and US-based Tier 2 customer support. For education and small businesses customers, the Series 2 mobile PC offers users a durable and affordable computing option while the Series 4 and Series 6 laptops are ideal for users with more demanding computing needs. 

Each of the new laptops is constructed with a super-hard external casing and metal hinges for rugged durability. For further protection, Series 6 business rugged notebooks are equipped with reinforced magnesium alloy construction for enhanced durability. For added peace of mind, the Series 2, 4 and 6 computers all feature an anti-spill design with a sealed case, reducing the risk of damage from minor spills on internal components.  Moreover, the laptops feature Samsung’s anti-shock hard disk drive (HDD) protection, which uses an accelerometer to detect movement and stop the disk from spinning, preventing potential data loss upon impact.

For  CTOs and IT managers that need to ensure sensitive contents remain secure at all times, each of the new notebooks is equipped with a range of security features such as pre-boot authentication.  Series 4 and Series 6 notebooks add additional security features including a Fingerprint Sensor and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip. Series 6 notebooks further enhanced security and manageability features with Intel vPro technology. 

Battery life will vary depending on the product model, configuration, power management settings, applications used and wireless settings. The maximum capacity of the battery will decrease with time and use. Test results based on independent third party Battery Mark tests. Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice. Non-Metric weights and measurements are approximate. Total amount of available memory may be less based on configuration.

Accessible capacity varies; MB = 1 million bytes, GB = 1 billion bytes, TB = 1 trillion bytes. Please note that a portion of the hard drive is reserved for system recovery, operationg system and preloaded content software. See for more details.



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