Thunderbird 3.3: New Alpha Version

In relative discretion given the current Firefox 4, the Thunderbird email client prepares to release in version 3.3. Not right away with the moment a version alpha 3.

Firefox 4, the final version should be available next week , is based on the Gecko 2.0 platform, as Thunderbird 3.3. But the mail client will put some more time before reaching the end users. Codenamed Miramar, Thunderbird 3.3 is still under development. Not yet a third alpha beta but that has just been published.

Like Firefox 4, Thunderbird 3.3 provides a new add-ons manager and a new management API extensions. Several corrections have been made at the user interface for Windows Vista and 7, the size of an attachment in a message is displayed beside it.

Also with a support 32-bit and 64-bit for Mac OS X, these changes are the main highlighted to account for differences with Thunderbird 3.1. The alpha 3 for its part announced with tabs that can be rearranged by dragging and dropping in several windows, a wizard has redesigned plugins that can be loaded by default in RSS.


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