First Beta of Mandriva 2011 Released

Mandriva releases first beta of Mandriva Linux 2011. A second will follow before a Release Candidate. The final version is expected for its June 13, 2011.

Mandriva 2011 beta 1 has a base Linux kernel Systemd 20 is used for the boot process. The package manager is RPM 5. Among the desktop environments: KDE 4.6.1 SC, GNOME 2.32.1, Xfce 4.8.0.

The distribution network includes the manager NetworkManager 0.8.3 with the inclusion of a plugin, GCC 4.5.2 (plugins enabled by default), Firefox 4 RC and Chromium browser (open source base of Google Chrome), Thunderbird 3.1.9 . Note that this office suite is 3.2. For the production of TeX documents, teTeX has been replaced by TeX Live 2011 .

KDE, a client for the microblogging service is offered ( Choqok ) while the music player Amarok 2 has been replaced by Clementine which incorporates an interface in the style Amarok 1.4. On the official blog of Mandriva , it is also referred to a plasma-applet-application stackfolder.

“To see it in action, simply drag any file from Dolphin (Ed.: file manager) on the KDE taskbar. Something we could not verify because on our test machine we were not able to run this beta.


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