New ChromePlus With New Features

The Web browser ChromePlus evolves and is now in version, acquiring two new features and taking advantage of numerous bug.

For those of you who discover, remember that ChromePlus is an improved version of Google’s web browser. It is in fact Google Chrome with extra features. The software is free and compatible with both Windows and Linux.

With this newly released version, it is first of two new question. The first is a complete list which can still open it in Internet Explorer web sites that require it. The second is itself a tool for crash report.

For the rest, this is the resolution of many bugs, which were accompanied with a majority of crashes. Among them, the one that caused the administrator privileges are required to declare ChromePlus as default browser, one that resulted in a crash when opening a link in the dialogue options and one that ended with a crash when changing the default search engine for address bar. Not forgetting to mention some extensions to crash when displaying a pop-up and crash when the bookmark bar is hidden automatically.

Download Chromeplus from here.



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