New Genius Traveler 6000 Wireless Mice for Notebooks Make Appearance

Despite targeting mostly users on a rather tight budget (and especially on emerging markets), peripheral manufacturer Genius has really managed to make a good name for itself and to sell plenty of mice and keyboards, such as their newly-introduced Traveler 6000 wireless mice.

In fact, we’re talking about a single mouse platform here, the two new products introduced by Genius, namely the Traveler 6000 and Traveler 6000 Classic, being differentiated only by a couple of minor external details, related to the top side design (a bit more attractive and elaborated in the case of the Classic model, rather flat in the case of the basic Traveler 6000).

And since we’ve reached the topic of external design, it’s also important to mention that the Traveler 6000 is available in three popular colors, namely Diamond Black, Royal Blue or Ruby Rose. The new Traveler 6000 mice pack a 1200 dpi optical engine, which should be able to provide quite a good level of tracking, in almost all conditions.

Similar to most other such peripherals designed to be used as notebook accessories, the device from Genius is accompanied by a Pico wireless USB connector, whose small and unobtrusive size make it easier for users to simply leave it connected to a portable computing system and forget about it.

It’s also interesting to mention that the new peripheral from Genius is also quite eco-friendly from the point of view of battery requirements, the Traveler 6000 being designed to work with only one AAA battery, while its built-in power switch will certainly help extend the battery life.

The Traveler 6000 has a fairly classic button configuration, featuring left and right buttons, plus a middle button with scroll, and works quite well with Windows 7/Vista/XP or Mac OSX 10.4+ operating systems. Pricing for the two new mice from Genius is also pretty low, since we’re talking about $14.90 for the basic Traveler 6000 model, and $16.90 for the Classic model.


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