Yahoo Launched Yahoo Search Direct Beta

Yahoo! Search Direct is another implementation of the instant search appeared in Google.
Do not tell Yahoo! it is a Google Instant recovery. The Sunnyvale company has claimed paternity of the instant search via an experiment conducted with AllTheWeb. An engine that also will close its doors next month .

The torch is taken up by the name but Yahoo! Instant Search Live Search . This new feature is available for Yahoo! Search where the operator is assured by Bing. Somewhere also good news, Yahoo still has ideas for Web search and a priori the flexibility needed to implement them.

Direct Search provides answers to queries and links to websites on the fly , as the user completes the request. Yahoo! prefer however to emphasize that the feature ” gives answers , not links . Everything happens in a field of research since expanded, as with Google without seeing the entire page Instant results evolve. Instant Search with Yahoo is more “confined” in its display.

The feature version is beta and tailored for U.S. users. It integrates research trends, movies, sports, weather, shopping and other categories currently available on Yahoo! Search. Openness to other markets but also product Yahoo is announced for later this year.



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