Xara X¹, the New, Fast Illustration Software Set to Outpace the Brand Leaders

XARA has released a new, faster and enhanced version of Xara X, its popular vector graphic illustration software. Xara X¹ is an advanced graphic illustration package for Windows that offers unrivaled speed and graphics quality, with a simple and intuitive user interface.

The comprehensive drawing tools incorporate many advanced features pioneered by Xara – such as real-time anti-aliasing, transparency and graduated transparency effects, real-time vector feathering and linked colors, all of which can be applied to both vector and bitmap images. Xara continues its pioneering tradition by offering new firsts, such as zero-memory footprint bitmap editing, solid drag, resize, and rotate of images, and yet another step up in the quality and speed of anti-aliasing.

Xara X¹ costs from just $179 (+ VAT and shipping where appropriate). That’s excellent value for money, at less than one third the price of the illustration market leading brands. Suitable for Win 98/XP, Me and 2000 (X¹ is now fully Windows XP style compliant). A free trial can be downloaded from xara.com now.

News source: Graphics.com As well as all the drawing tools you would expect, Xara X¹ offers options such as interactive shadows, bevels and contours, pressure sensitive brush stroking and multi-stage graduated fills. Xara X¹ can produce compact, highly optimized graphics, making it an ideal choice for creating web graphics.

“Xara X is far more than just a vector or illustration tool” says Charles Moir, CEO, Xara Group. “For many of the great artists that use it, the unmatched speed, plus features like real time feathering and transparency control make Xara X a great general purpose graphics compositing tool for drawing, illustration and web graphics. The evidence is in the results, you just have to look at some of the artwork that is created”. (see xara.com/gallery).

New to Xara X¹ is the integrated Xara Picture Editor. This is neither a pixel editor nor a painting program but provides the most common photo editing operations such as cropping, rotating, enhancing, sharpening etc, with a very fast, interactive UI. The unique zero-memory footprint editing means that you can use the Picture Editor to edit and enhance photos in Xara X¹, and each new edited image requires no memory or file space.


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